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DroneDeploy Launches Machine Learning-driven Cloud Photogrammetry Software .

DroneDeploy, a leading cloud software platform for commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or 'drones'), has announced the release of Map Engine – the industry’s first machine learning-driven photogrammetry software. The release came after a successful beta period where it processed 30,000 maps per month for more than 4,000 clients across 180 countries. The software solution generates high-resolution maps and 3D models from UAV imagery collected in the construction, energy, agriculture and surveying sectors. The new processing engine leverages the latest cloud infrastructure and machine learning technology to deliver high-quality results and help customers reduce costs.

Building a photogrammetry pipeline

Map Engine tracks billions of points in aerial images to simultaneously reconstruct 3D scenes and the trajectory of the drone, said Nicholas Pilkington, DroneDeploy’s CTO. The company has brought together the latest advances in cloud computing, computer vision, and machine learning to build a photogrammetry pipeline that delivers accurate results in record time - no matter your workflow.

This release includes four major improvements over earlier beta versions:

- Improved Speed: According to DroneDeploy, Map Engine now generates maps and models 30-50% faster. -  - Scenes made up of hundreds of images can be processed in under an hour.
- Improved Accuracy: Industry-specific accuracy improvements for Agriculture, Construction, and Solar generate higher-quality results.
- Large Map Support: Maps of up to 10,000 images (100GB) can now be quickly and accurately processed.
Mobile Uploads: Customers can now wirelessly transfer images to the cloud with Mobile Uploads for immediate processing.

The Map Engine codebase integration began two years ago with DroneDeploy's acquisition of leading photogrammetry solution 3DN, which had already been in development for five years. Since launching in Beta last January, Map Engine has processed 100M gigapixels of drone imagery.

DroneDeploy also has a blog which is being updated frequently. Visit the blog here.

Last updated: 25/08/2018




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